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Pumps The Hig/Low double gear pump is used in the ...

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freccia Company

The only external gear pumps producer in Southern Italy.

The company was founded in 1953 by Vito Petrone in Gravina in Puglia. Initially, Petrone Oleodinamica deals with the repair and the servicing of agricultural and industrial machines. In 1968 it starts approaching to the hydraulic field: it specializes in the assembling of automatic and timed lubrication systems for transport lorries. During the 80s it deals with the assembling of hoisting, automation and hydrostatic transmission systems.
Since March 2001, Petrone Oleodinamica, under the management of Cassandra and Vitantonio Petrone, moves in a new and wide building with an area of about 4000 m2, located in the industrial area of Gravina in Puglia. It is composed by different service areas: spare parts warehouse, repair shop, design office, quality control and measures area, production area, finished products warehouse, technical, administrative and management offices.

At the 67th edition of the Levante Fair, in September 2003, Petrone Oleodinamica presents the group 2 external gear pumps. These pumps are produced directly in the firm, using a huge and avant-garde machine tools set.
From September 2006 Petrone Oleodinamica produces gear pumps with priority valve and from July 2008 it starts the group 3 external gear pumps production.